The God Who Sees with Nicole C. Mullen

The God Who Sees

nicole c mullen

Written by: Nicole C. Mullen and Kathie Lee Gifford

I had the honor today of speaking with Nicole C. Mullen. She is a singer/songwriter, actress, a student of the scriptures and mighty woman of God. I have followed Nicole’s career for over 20 years and without a doubt talking with her was a real treat for me.  She spoke to me by phone from her Tennessee home and we talked about the benefits we both enjoy from living out in the country like having no internet, no cable, and spotty phone service.  It was a real honor to talk with her and hear her share from her heart the love she has for sharing the Love of God.

I learned that 2018 marked the 20th anniversary of her writing her popular song, My Redeemer Lives. (we will cover that song in our next blog update) As she shared with me, 20 years after Redeemer, the Lord gave her another wonderful song called, “The God Who Sees” and she is completely humbled how it came about. Nicole said that there is no doubt in her mind that this song was orchestrated by the Lord from start to finish.

She begins

“I am a student of the bible.  I love reading and learning God’s word.  The stories and history become alive for me when I read them. I had been reading the story of Hagar and had her story on my mind when I ran into Kathie Lee Gifford.  As we talked, she shared with me that she too had been doing a study on Hagar as well.  She proposed that we should get together and write and once we did it seemed the song just became alive in us. We started out with just me and my guitar and working on the melody, and from there the song essentially wrote itself.  With each writing sessions we continued to add to the story with Ruth, David, and down the lineage of David to Jesus to Mary of Magdala. And in the end, it had such a sweetness to it.   kathie and nicole

It came time to cut the demo for the song that was intended for another Christian artist, Nicole continues.  We went into the studio with the intent of me to ad-libbing the narrative then singing the verses we had written then continue that pattern throughout the recording. Kathie’s idea was for me just to speak between the verses and the later she would go back in and edit in the narratives.   I was familiar with the stories surrounding each person in the song so as we began recording, I would close my eyes and speak from the heart, then open my eyes and sing the chorus; this went on, back and forth throughout the entire song. As I would close my eyes I would already know what to say before I said it.  The Lord was feeding me the words, so clearly and anointed.  Yet once I was finished recording, I thought to myself, “What is Kathie Lee going to think?”  After all, she is THE Kathie Lee Gifford. The talk show host, actress, writer, and producer extraordinaire.  I really expected her to tell me just stick to singing, she says with a chuckle.  But instead I found her with her hands up in worship and her face was wet with tears. “This is of the Lord, she recalls Kathie saying.  What you hear of today is basically the demo of the song that became the master recording, it is virtually how we recorded it with just very few edits.

In the days that followed, we would have people come into the studio to hear it and each one would fall to their knees in worship. This continued many times over as others would come to hear it.  During the process of writing and recording it, we just prayed and ask the Lord to take it and use it however he saw fit to do so. It was his to do with whatever way he wanted.  We offered it as our loaves and fishes, it was up to him how he multiplied it.

Once we had the “demo” was completed, it was determined that we would release it with my version of the song.  We sat around talking, I shared with Kathie how I could see myself singing that it in concert and I began to envision what I would use as scenes behind me as I sang it. Kathy being the visionary that she is said,” I have just the idea” and began to name places in the Holy Land where we could film a short video for it.  A few months later I found myself standing in the very place where these people we were singing about had stood.  It was overwhelming.

Since releasing the song, it has taken off and we have heard from people all around the world of how the song has ministered to them.  We have performed it before First Lady Melania Trump and Second Lady Karen Pence. We’ve heard from places across America, from Africa, Europe and South America, you name it.  People have been blessed by the words and comfort this song brings. It has had over 2 million views online and been performed on TBN and Daystar.

Nicole concludes by saying how humbled she is by the way the Lord allowed her to pen these songs for his glory and reignites the fire in her to use her in ways she could never dream.  The take away for me, as she ends, is that God doesn’t care about our color, of if we are male or female or even our nationality, God loves us for who we are, but not only that, he likes us, and he wants nothing but good for our lives.

If you have not heard the song take a moment and check out the link below.  The video was produced by Kathie Lee Gifford and offers beautiful scenes from the Holy Land.  Also, be sure to check out Nicole C Mullen at her website:


2 thoughts on “The God Who Sees with Nicole C. Mullen

  1. I am so very blessed by this song and I love the way it all plays out. It’s my best song to end 2019. God bless your soul for sharing and may Nichole be abundantly blessed for allowing to be a vessel used by God.


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