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So what’s Yardley up to now…. Seems I’m always dreaming and going one direction or another. Life has a funny way of bringing you full circle and the hopes and dreams we had years ago somehow find their way hidden away but never really forgotten.
When I was younger I wanted to be a writer. From a very young age I remember putting stories together and dreaming about how my book would be and the photos and pictures I’d have in it. And even though I enjoyed writing, I never considered it as a career. It was simply something I enjoyed as a hobby. The expectation was to go off, make money, raise a family and leave this for the fun stuff.
I worked briefly for the County Chronicle in 1987 and then had a series of Letter to the Editor in the Knoxville News Sentinel through the 80’s and early 90’s. After that I focused on raising a family, building a career and just trying to get through life. But I never lost the passion of writing. I learned after my Dad passed away in 1995 that journaling helped me get through the grieving process. It seemed the thoughts surrounding his passing ran like a tape recorder over and over in my head and the only way to stop it from playing was to get them out and onto paper.
Then in 2016 I wrote an off the cuff story about a Hardee’s employee helping an elderly lady and posted it on the Hardee’s Facebook page, it went viral with over 26 million views. The story gained national attention and touched a lot of people when they learned of the young man’s story. I got 4 hamburgers out of the deal.

So, when I found myself with a lot more time on my hands recently,  after my Mom’s passing, I began to look at what it was I had enjoyed doing years ago and writing came back to me. You see for the last several years my time was filled with taking care of her when I wasn’t working. If I wasn’t working or attending to things around the house I was at the nursing home taking care of her. When all of a sudden that was gone I found myself at a loss. I needed an outlet, something to do with myself; so, I began to write.

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing the history of songs and how they came to life. In this process I have had an opportunity open to me that I look forward to sharing with you. But until then just click the subscribe As I add updates you will be notified. Believe me many of you will not believe where my dream of writing has already taken me.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to my Blog.

  1. David, I’m super excited for you! You are a go getter. Only four hamburgers…..for all that publicity. Get going.😊


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